Do this, not that—- for Fat Burning

  1. HIIT instead of running at a consistent pace- Interval training (such as walking alternated with jogging/jogging with sprining) is proven to burn more fat than doing cardio oriented exercise for the same amount of time at a steady pace
  2. Rowing instead of Running-Yes!  Rowing is the ultimate cardio, fat burning, and muscle building workout.  Jump on that rowing machine!
  3. Elliptical or Bike instead of Treadmill- Utilizes the use of a wider variety of leg muscle fibers.  Keep the intensity high though!
  4. Supersetting or Circuits instead of typical lifting, rest, lifting- Gives the the benefit of extra fat burn by keeping your heart rate high as you lift, thus giving you a cardiovascular workout completed in a faster time.  You should be sweating like crazy when you’re done. 
  5. Running on an Incline instead of flat- Talk about burning!  This will burn up your legs and your body fat both. 
  6. Lift heavier weight and less reps instead of low weight high rep- science has proven this over and over again in recent experiments.  AS LONG AS YOUR FORM IS SOLID!
  7. Work to failure or do forced reps with a spotter

Got this from personal experience, also from “Eat this, Not That,” a fantastic book!